Genesis is the CEO-Founder of #giveEmJesusTM ministries which emphasizes the importance of dying to self and following the example of Christ. December 2015, Genesis branched out and was given a platform she never imagined she would have. Airing every Tuesday on FreeThinkers Radio, an internet radio station, Genesis addresses a plethora of topics and creates conversation starters to encourage others to embrace their truth. She launched her Mentor-Protege Program, MISSunderstood, which initially started out as a blog, in 2016. “Honestly speaking, our generation is SO misunderstood. And I’m not okay with that though. There’s a way to be unconventional, out of the box, peculiar (as we’re described in the Bible), and be understood!” She leaves no stone unturned.

Genesis released her highly anticipated EP, “From My Heart to Yours,” allowing listeners into her REALationship with God. “This project is slightly different. Feel good music with a message, if you will. It’s my interpretation of Jesus. Everybody comes to know and love Him differently. I decided to share my experience through song.”




5600 Broad River Road | Columbia, SC