David Rodriguez and The Palmetto Latin 5 has been around for the past 4 years. As the music director David incorporates music from all genres and add a little Latino flavor to the mix. David has had the privilege to bring his music to some of SC great festivals. He has backed up major Latin artist with the Palmetto Latin Orchestra and also with The Palmetto Latin 5 through out SC. (SC State Fair, Sofrito and Soul Music Festival, Main Street Latin Festival, The Finlay Park Concert Series, The Cornbread Festival and the Eau Claire Music Festival to name a few.)

Composed of different cultures and backgrounds, The Palmetto Latin 5 has developed a unique sound where everyone brings something to the music table. The combination of sounds is like no other. It’s music for all to enjoy and for any occasion. David has been a musician for over 20 years. He started at a young age playing Caribbean percussion. Saxophone became his passion in middle school and has not put it down since. He is also a 4th generation musician keep his roots and the Rodriguez legacy alive through his music. This is our 1st performance at the Richland Music Festival and we are looking to make you move. LIFELOVEMUSIC