5600 Broad River Road | Columbia, SC

Upscale Music Group was founded by legendary trumpeter Linton Smith, Jr, of Augusta Ga. His lifetime dreams of bringing musicians together just for the sake of soulful expressions was realized in 2014. Smith is a veteran musician of the USMC.

Frank Graham, Dave Roy and James Casey are greatly appreciated for their groundbreaking enthusiasm to help lay the initial path for UPSCALE MUSIC GROUP.

Linton Smith, vocal stylist wife, Louise Smith and Donald Young, the originators united with the young breed of musicians for a match divine.

Kareem Evans, AKA KD the Sax Man is from Belgium. He began the Saxophone in the fifth grade with vocal skills. Zuri (The Maestro) Lowery is from the Magic City of Florence SC is a multi-gifted musician with many musical disciplines keys, bass, drums, and saxophone. Donald Young, from Columbia, SC plows the bass line with expressive chops, licks and has vocal chops. Donald Robinson, AKA the DRUM DOCTOR is from Pennsylvania and Sumter, SC is the heartbeat of the group with his fancy cadences. Linton’s life partner Louise Smith is a modest keyboard player and a vocal stylist deep in gospel roots while having a flair for jazz riffs. She is one of the group’s arranger and songwriters. Their sound is like no other. With Linton’s jazz foundation and Louise’s Gospel, they have fused a sound called Jazzpel.

The purpose of this music group is to Bring Glory to God and Joy to Mankind through Music.

UPSCALE MUSIC GROUP presents the music you want to hear. Our repertoire encompasses Soothing Jazzy Soulful Ballads, Blues, Classics, Gospel, covers and originals.